He is so lucky

Can you imagine how would he appear if somebody’s head got stuck in the automatic gate of the city bus? Maybe you would say nobody could fit down in that position, or you would say that that man would be dead.

I am not gossiping! This afternoon when I went back home after working, I was squeezing in the city bus, and I could not even breathe because of the crowd in the bus. I need to say that the policy for population control of my country was really non-effective. People had to fight to get on the bus and find a standing space for himself. Unfortunately,discount Omega watches, the weather in summer was really hot and stuffy, most people in the bus acted like a crazy ox, shouting at each other, struggling for more room, screaming for the bad weather. You could stand in the crown without any leaning against something because of the human flood. Tragedy!

A handsome man stepped onto the bus via a bus stop, where there were already too many people in the bus. That man tried his best to get on the bus, maybe he needs to hurry for home to cook for his girl-friend or catching his favorite TV program. The bus stopped with a hard baking for a screaming voice in the bus—-my hair, my hair…! Somebody die! Where is his head! His head is outside! My head, my human hair! We just saw a man’s head got stuck in the automatic gate of the bus, but his hair was still outside of the bus. And when the driver opened the gate, all the passengers saw the drop of that man’ head. Everybody was screaming for this accident, which was really horrible. Suddenly, that man stood up and turned back to say hello to us:I am ok, I am fine, that is only my discount lace front wigs. At this time,Lace front wigs, we all saw his bare-head and understood what happened: the bus-gate only swallowed his wigs and saved his life. We finally found that the cheap lace front wigs could not only make up man’s appearance but also protected man from danger.

He was so lucky.