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Preparation for buying lace Front wigs

Lace front wigs are becoming more and more popular as women realize what a great fashion accessory they are. Lace Wigs are a great way to change your look, hairstyle and hair color quickly, easily and often without damaging your natural hair. You can have a different hairstyle everyday of the week if you choose. They are very versatile and virtually undetectable when applied correctly.

Many women choose to have their lace front wigs applied by professionals because they fear they may destroy their hairpieces or damage their own hair if they attempt to apply it themselves. This is somewhat understandable as lace wigs can be very costly depending on the type and style you are going to choose. However, lace front wig application is fairly simple and with a little practice you can be applying your wigs as good as or better than the pros.

You can apply your hair piece using either lace front wig tape which is a double sided clear tape or by using lace wig glue. Because glue tends to be the more popular choice and provides a longer and stronger hold, the instructions listed below are for lace front wig application using glue. Before beginning your lace front wig application you want to prepare your hair by either braiding it or wrapping it so that the surface is as flat as possible for your wig to lay on. The flatter the surface, the more natural your hair piece will look and feel.

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