Lace front Wigs of the Secretary

May 28th, 2010 ctozeng

Mr. Porn is the manager of an export company. He can not speak any English, so he asks the H&R to find him a secretary who can speak fluent English. And he also adds his requirements for this post with high salary: shiny black long hair, nice voice, sweet appearance, hot body and smart brain. The first day when H&R send this wanted message in the website, many hot girls come for interview. And Mr. Porn does the interview by himself, and then a problem happens: all the ladies are very hot, and you know Mr. Porn is definitely a playboy, how could he make the decision. So he decides to keep 3 of them for 3 months practice. And during this period, Mr. Porn will give them some tests and decide which one can be kept. They all have fantastic appearance and shiny hair long hair and called Hot 1, Hot 2 and Hot 3.

The first day, Mr. Porn asks them to help to get him an English name and see who can find the best one for him. Hot 1 broach with the first name, CW; Hot 2 says FLW and Hot 3 claim that the best name should be CFLW. These 3 names really confuse Porn very much. We all know Mr. Porn likes hot girls with longhair and this time he even asks them to give out the English names relative to longhair. It’s very funny that these 3 hot girls get Mr. Porn names with letters from amount 2, 3, 4, no wonder that they are the most beautiful and smart girls.

Mr. Porn asks the reason why they get him these kinds of names. Hot 1 declaims that she wants to stay with Mr. Porn all the time, so she comes to this name as the abbreviation of the name of her wigs: cheap wigs; and Hot 2 say her hair is the most beautiful in this world, and she also raises up the name as the abbreviation of the name of her hair but wigs-full lace wigs; and we know the name CFLW is also the abbreviation of wigs-cheap front lace wigs.

Mr. Porn feels very upset as he knows that the beautiful appearance of a lady can be modified with wigs but her quality can not be copied. So he decides to get another proper good guy who can help him with his business.

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