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After the extensions are placed,REPLICA ROLEX WATCHES, you should think of how to style your hair. Gently combed your hair and ensure that the extension hair is blended with her natural hair. Prepping the Hair will be the things after you buy your extensions. You can cut your hair to blend with her natural hair and I highly recommend you to purchase those which is already cut and placed on clips.

Curling the extension hair is the priority steps. Then, you can place the extensions in your hair. Straight lace hair wigs will not be a good choice if you do it yourself. Straight lace hair wigs is hard to look natural and the best way to design your hair is curling the extensions which can help them blend

I prepped the lace hair wigs for the hair with a curling iron. You can also use hot rollers, velcro rollers,discount Omega watches, or magnetic rollers. If you use rollers that do not use heat, allow 3-8 hours for the hair to completely dry around the rollers. I usually let rolled hair sit overnight for drying. You can also speed drying with a hair drier.

Remember, you can not use heat on artificial hair!

The way to prep your hair is to wash and condition your natural hair. Applying mousse or gel is a helpful way to hold a curl. You can set your hair on welcro rollers that will help you to stay curled for a long time and curling iron or hot roller is an addition to be used.

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