Lace Wigs of a countrywoman

May 29th, 2010 ctozeng

Len’s Mom is making the report of current condition of cultivating livestock. she claims that the serious condition asks the villagers to reduce the cultivating amount as the markets demands is decreasing day by day, if we keep on cultivating large amount of livestock, all the villagers will suffer great loss in the near future. But the condition now is that almost all the villagers own more than 1000 pigs, and no count of other animals. What they can do to reduce this huge cultivating amount? Len’s Mom grabs her full lace wigs anxiously and she knows they need to deduct half of the total cultivating amount and she can not imagine the result if she forces the villagers to kill that amount of animals. That could be a shock in their hearts.

In the past 2 years, when Len’ Mom first brings in this case of cultivating livestock, villagers in this place all earn more money and live a better life. And they are eager to make more money so that they enlarge their investment in this business. It’s funny that most women in this village all wear the same kinds of cheap wigs as Len’s Mom. They all wrongly estimate the market’s demands and even less part of them never consider about the market. They expend their cultivating scale and right now they are facing a serious problem that the price of pigs and bulls all are collapsing unexpectedly.

Nothing they can do but kill half of their animals. Len’s Mom leads this killing flood but she kills all of the animals of her family. Even though other villagers are not willing to do things like this but they all conquered by what Len’s Mom does. This afternoon the whole village is fulfilled with the screaming of livestock and villagers start to put off their cheap front lace wigs. Only Len’s Mom is wearing the same wigs and she promises she will try her best to lead the villagers to overcome all the difficulties and live a prosperous life renewedly.

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