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Synthetic wigs at world cup2010

2010 is the crazy years for football fan,as it is the world cup year.The fan show their feeling whit different types.Some of the Chinese businessman found the business opportunity.Most of the businessmen in Hongkong town in Johannesburg imported many small products ahead of the world cup days.Such as wigs,flag bugle and others.

We found the fans wear different color of wigs,looks colorful.most of the wigs are from China.The wig is very cheap,as it is made of synthetic and disposable.the wigs are short of demand,many wigs factory in yiwu China have to work 24 hours that days,many workers also like to do that as it bring 1000 RMB more per month for them.One business men in Johannersburg can sell wigs for 100000 RMB per day. While he tell us he will not import wigs any more,it is hard to sell this after world cup.But the earning of these days can up to half of year 2009.

It is also dangerous for them,the local men know Chinese businessmen are rich,so they usually steal from them.It is common things for them to loose their wealth.

Synthetic wigs is very cheap than human hair wigs,there are some reasons.

  1. The price of material is very cheap for synthetic,the human hair is much more expensive.
  2. It is easy to make synthetic wigs,one technical workers can make many per hours,while for human hair wigs, it will take more than 10 days.

Human hair lace wigs are exported to developed countries,such as USA,Canada,UK or European countries.The cheap synthetic wigs are exported to developing countries.

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