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the choice of bareheaded Cinderella

What will you think the prince finally find out that the Cinderella is bearheaded that actually she wear  stock lace wigson her head. Prince may get a big shock. It’s hard to believe that Cinderella wear a lace hair wigs for the aim of get married with the prince. It’s a little bit laughable and unreasonable,prom dresses, however , people nowadays are tend to do such kind of action just act like she is a real Cinderella which means once she stepped to the aristocracy she can be the princess so that lots of the girls now are trying to fake themselves to fulfill their so call dreams towards the princess.


You may think that the Cinderella is doing the wrong thing , however , so is the prince.

Do you think the prince will still get married with the bareheaded Cinderella ?   most of you may say no and that’s the reality. What if the Cinderella is not a beautiful girl ,can the princess still in love with her?  The reality is a thing of cruel. If you are not beautiful , you will never be the Cinderella , and if you are not the prince , Cinderella will never fall in love with you.


Yes. The story comes that they finally get married and the prince find out the Cinderella is bareheaded and he wanted to depart with her. Here comes the issue of money. Cinderella wants the money and the prince refuse to pay.


So it’s not a fairt tale, is a matter of the reality. You may think Cinderella’s story is full of romance, however,Quinceanera Dresses, reality turns out the turth.

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