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The Woman Wearing Wigs


The woman told me in tears that she was successful only in sexual affairs on men’s beds. Where amazing happens. She had went out with scores of men in the past 2 years:they went to karaoke, coffee bar, sex club, shopping, but their destination would always be in the hotel. She lived in an empty shape and different remy hair.

I’ve seem the sadness in her bleak cheeks, while she told me her stories with men. She was a very diligent student in college, studying hard, active in campus, and liked to help her friends who could not pass their final exam. Friends all thought she would meet a very bright future and live a good life. And what’s more, she got a handsome boy-friend at that time. In their leisure time, they would take a walk round the campus, they would share an ice cream, and they would happily chase each other on the platform,handbags designer, during the night they would sit together on the meadow counting the stars in the sky and image their bright future. At that time, she owned very beautiful hair, the most beautiful human hair in this world said by her boy friend, and he would help to wash her hair sometimes, which has been memorized as the merely romantic thing in her mind.

Her boy-friend was a teacher in her college, and she loved him so much until that man dumped her after her graduation, as he promoted to work in a better school. Their relationship broke up suddenly and unfortunately. Her world collapse completely and she cut her lovely hair in order to forget all the memory with him. From then on, she started to wear African American wigs which could hide her heart from the whole world. She dated with different men seemly to wreak her woe with that playboy. Everyday she was live in a faking world under those lace wigs,even she behaved joyfully with men.

She was still very young but could not find her life heading. I told her that she should get rid of her wigs and be positive to find her real happiness,cheap prom dresses, not to be a woman wearing wigs.

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