Wigs in the court

May 25th, 2010 ctozeng

You dare to quarrel with a court judge or an attorney?

I don’t want to do that! But I want to criticize about the wigs wearing on their heads. To be honest, when I wake up in deep night, the costume and the wigs on them surely freak me out. The judge wears full lace wigs and the attorney wears cheap wigs. Why they would do this, they should be the symbol of real and fair things. But the wigs on their head make confused: they are not ball-headed, and they got very handsome hairstyle, why the BC nations will do it like this?

An attorney in Hong Kong said: deriving to 12th century in Britain, the British dressed in wigs and made it a kind of fashion in the rank of noble family. Curling hair is the reflection of identity and authority. In some property countryside, ladies like to sell their hair and earn some money. And their hair will be used to manufactured into the wigs on the noble, the judge and the attorney. I think this is a good thing that can let the poor man earn some money; even they need to pay the beauty for this. They may use this money to pay their children’s tuition or the family expenses.

Burt one day a dealer of cheap front lace wigs is arrested and he is convicted for selling low quality wigs.

The judge claims that:

–the wigs should be of high quality that can match the noble.

–but I hope the normal people can also wear beautiful wigs, and we need something cheap. Just like the wigs ”MADE IN CHINA”

–no, you can’t, we need to dump the MADE IN CHINA and protect our local manufacture.


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